“You Better Make-A-Move”

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a music entertainment company from Chicago and we go by the name of Make-A-Move Entertainment, LLC. We are composed of 5 individuals that make up the music group, Make-A-Move. Within these five individuals, we have 3 hip-hop artist, 2 RNB Singers, and 3 music producers. Make-A-Move consists of D2G, J-Tempo, Rudy P. Magic, Breezy City, and Peso Much. Here we present to you our debut compilation, “Make-A-Movement: Vol. 1.” Hosted by MB Decor CEO Johnny Bravado, it is also being presented alongside promotion team, 80’s Babies Chicago (consisting of Remeka Sullivan and Jermaine Pierce).

The sounds in which you are about to hear are all composed of original production, brought to you in part by Rudy P.Magic, J-Tempo and D2G. So sit back, relax, and enjoy. “Make-A-Movement: Vol. 1″.

Download: Make-A-Move Ent Presents – Make​-​A​-​Movement Vol​.​1