Treacherous Records’ artist Knoc-turn’al releases the 1.11.11 The Prequel mixtape in preparation for his forthcoming album, Knoc’s Ville. The tape features 11 tracks, a combination of never-before-heard exclusives as well recent leaks. Tape also features guest appearances and production from [twitter=TheRealCashis]Cashis[/twitter], Jayo Felony, One-2, Focus, Shaunta, Samuel Christian AKA Shorty, Komplex, and more.

1. Just Like Us (f. One-2 & Cashis) (Produced by Komplex)
2. Ain’t Seen U At All (f. Young Hu$tle & Jaguar)
3. Give me the Night (Produced by Komplex)
4. Call Me (f. Jaguar) (Produced by Komplex)
5. Mad at the Aftermath (f. Shaunta & Shorty) (Produced by Focus…)
6. Sorry I Left You (Produced by Komplex)
7. Oh, Oh Here She Comes (f. Jayo Felony, Jaguar & Sabrina) (Produced by DJ Bless)
8. Huntin’ (Produced by Knoc-turn’al)
9. Can We Do Our Thing (Produced by Komplex)
10. I’m on a Hunt (f. Airamis) (Produced by Ajami)
11. U Don’t Know (f. The Raskal & Lifted)

Standout tracks:

Just Like Us Ft. One-2 & Ca$his (Prod. By Komplex)

Sorry I Left You (Prod. By Komplex)

Download: Knoc-turn’al: 1.11.11 The Prequel