What’s good Def Sounds soldiers?

As you can see we are work in progress with the new site lay-out, and as many of you guys have requested, accounts are back, but are still WIP, so what you guys will have to do is sign back up since the old profiles are gone, look at the top of the site that’s where the account information will be, on the toolbar you’ll have all your account information, and notifications along with the ability to change your avatars and a bunch of other features.
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Once you have signed up, and you leave a comment, you can put @ at towards a certain user and they will receive a notification in their profile, for example if you posted a comment that was directed towards me you would put @whitefolks, and I would receive a notification in my profile toolbar.
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Also if you ever get an error or a blank page, just refresh and the page will load up for you.

Aright, now just bear with us, and we will have all the features back, and bugs worked out sooner than later.

And since you’re here check out the latest leak from our upcoming mixtape Def Sounds Presnts Hip Hop overdose as Crooked I’s younger brothers aka Horse Shoe G.A.N.G and fellow Treacherous Records artist One-2 completely destroy Eminem’s Not Afraid. Check it out here Horse Shoe G.A.N.G & One-2 – Not Afraid