We will be kicking off a new feature on Def Sounds to give aspiring rappers some shine, as we will showcase a new artist once or twice a week. The featured artist for every week will be a rapper that hasn’t previously seen any time on the site.

Each showcase post will have a poll where the Def Sounds members will able able to vote either “Play it” or “Skip it” to determine if you think the artist has was it takes to make it in the Rap game.

The final details haven’t been completely determined as of this time, but most likely after 16 artists get showcased, the 8 with the most “Play It” votes will go head to head with each other to win a week long feature on Def Sounds.

For aspiring rappers if you think you have what it takes, and can take criticism from the members of the Def Sounds community send your submissions to PlayItorSkipItDS@gmail.com.

For members of Def Sounds with friends who are aspiring rappers who you think are dope enough to make an impact send them over to the site to submit there music as well.

Rules to submit:

  • In the email subject please put: Play It or Skip It Submission
  • Attach the mp3 file to the email, download links will not be accepted.
  • Label the track correctly with artist name and song title.
  • In the email body include the artist name and location. Bio if you have one, if not it’s alright.
  • Attach a picture or single artwork to use in the post.
  • Submit your song only once, but you may submit up to 2 songs for consideration.

The “Play It or Skip It” feature will kick off in the coming weeks, so artists get your music submissions in now.

Once again the email address for submissions is PlayItorSkipItDS@gmail.com.

Sidenote: As all the long time members of Def Sounds now we listen to your suggestions. If you guys have any ideas that you think will make Play It or Skip It better leave your suggestions in the comments.